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Creating A Simple Custom Home Theater

If you have an empty room or other small space you want to utilize, creating a custom home theater is an excellent option. Focusing on a few features can turn an empty room into an immersive cinematic experience.


Having comfortable seating will be the key to the experience. A good option will be to use a sectional sofa for the room. Sectionals range in price and features, so you can buy individual pieces and select features that make the environment more comfortable. You can come up with a configuration that will fit almost any size space. You will likely want the sectional to include recliners, chaises, and/or ottomans to enhance the theater experience because it allows people to prop their feet up and relax. Another advantage of sectionals is you can create seating in a U-shape to make better use of space. Some sectionals can accommodate table wedges, which will give everyone a place for snacks and drinks.


Investing in acoustic panels is important. These are small panels of specialty foam designed to improve sound quality. Acoustic panels allow sound to be more evenly distributed throughout the room. Panels also minimize the amount of noise you can hear from elsewhere in the home and reduce the amount of sound coming from the home theater that is heard throughout the home. There are many theories about where you should place your speakers, but this will vary based on the size and quality of the speakers and your particular room. It is best to start with two speakers, one on either side of the screen, facing the viewers. The speakers should be placed at a slight angle so they both point toward the center of the room and not be obstructed by furniture or other items. You can play around with placement or add speakers until you are satisfied with the sound quality.


You might find buying a projector and projector screen can be more cost-effective than a large-screen TV. The size of the projection can be manipulated to fit a wide range of screen sizes. Modern projectors often have features that are more akin to a TV. For example, it is easy to connect a smart TV device to projectors via an HDMI port. Some projectors can be connected to computers and smartphones and have SD card readers. The versatility of projectors allows them to be used for streaming movies and TV, or listening to music. Projectors generally come with a remote, so it is easy to make adjustments to the projector without having to leave your seat.

For many people with limited money and/or space, having a home theater might seem impossible. Making strategic decisions about the features of your home theater can allow you to create a cinematic experience that fits almost any budget.